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FlowForma - no code business process management

FlowForma Fundamentals:

✓  Forms
✓  Workflow
✓  Document generation
✓  Parent & child containers
✓  Inter-connecting forms
✓  Mobile access
✓  Pre-built solutions 

Did you know you can extend FlowForma Fundamentals with the modules and functionality available below?

FlowForma BPM - Collaborative Decision Making Module

Collaborative Decision Making Module

Avail of the Collaborative Decision Making Module to enable process owners to kick off a secure vote as part of a business process. With e-signature authorization, fully traceable results and sliders for scoring etc. this module will help you make better decisions, faster.

Find out more about this unique module 


FlowForma - Compliance Module

Compliance Module

Deploy the Compliance Module to empower your process owners to design and build processes that can be fully certified to meet regulatory requirements on electronic records for e.g. ISO 9001 and 21 CFR Part 11. Enhancing the audit abilities of FlowForma BPM, this module will give you e-signatures, audit records and flow snapshots.

Find out more about the Compliance Module


FlowForma - Public Accessible Forms Functionality

Public Accessible Forms 

Turn on the Public Accessible Forms functionality to allow external parties such as customers, suppliers or partners directly input to your digital processes.

Find out more about Public Accessible Forms

FlowForma - Advanced Reporting Module

Advanced Reporting Module

Use the Advanced Reporting Module, to quickly export your data and start analyzing on-the-fly, using reporting tools you are familiar with, such as SQL Reporting, Excel, Power BI etc.

Leverage FlowForma's pre-built Power BI reports to get you started. Why not use the FlowForma online e-learning portal to get the best tips on building reports seamlessly.

FlowForma - 3rd Party Connectors

3rd Party System Connectors

Avail of 3rd Party Connectors to connect to other business systems within your organization. Leverage FlowForma's Microsoft Flow connector to access thousands of connectors. Or utilize FlowForma's pre-defined connectors to connect directly with your Microsoft Active Directory, SQL Server and Dynamics CRM.

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