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**Please note that you can disregard this section if you’re using the FlowForma app from O365. All you need to do is download the app the first time you use FlowForma.

FlowForma can be installed within the following SharePoint® farms, based on recommended server requirements by Microsoft:

  • SharePoint 2010 Server

  • SharePoint 2010 Foundation

  • SharePoint 2013 Server

  • SharePoint 2013 Foundation

  • Microsoft Word 2010 Minimum (for Document Generation template management only)

Microsoft SQL Server, Windows Server and Internet browser supported versions are dependent on the Microsoft SharePoint platform requirements.The installation can either be local (on-premise servers and infrastructure), on Windows Azure (a cloud computing platform and infrastructure) or on Office 365® as an app.

If the SharePoint farm is on-premise, you’ll need to provide FlowForma Process Automation with access to the SharePoint farm VMs on your network. The VMs need to have internet access, so the tool can download the latest Windows and SharePoint patches, if required.

If HTTPS is required, you need a certificate for that and it has to be configured. For on-premise versions of FlowForma Process Automation, the following table outlines which version of FlowForma Process Automation runs on which version of SharePoint.


 *The above also applies to hosted version of SharePoint on Azure.