3 Big Reasons to Say Goodbye to InfoPath

It's been confirmed that Microsoft will cease support for InfoPath in 2024. With many companies heavily invested in InfoPath as a solution for electronic forms, it’s time to move to new technology, designed for a disparate and mobile workforce. Now is the time to make the change and migrate.

To help you, I have established three key reasons for you to say goodbye to InfoPath, and hello to a process automation alternative!

1. Legacy Status

Legacy - 'relating to software or hardware that has been superseded but is difficult to replace because of its wide use'. In January 2014, Microsoft announced that their investment in InfoPath had come to an end. With no significant roadmap in sight from preceding years, this was an inevitable conclusion to their e-forms product.

Four different alternatives were offered for forms building – Excel, Word, Access and Forms on SharePoint Lists (FOSL), with some of these offerings not yet available, while others have since been canned – e.g. FOSL.

To rectify this situation they've decided to give it a lifeline with inclusion in SharePoint 2016, but the damage has already been done. It's now a legacy software.

2. The Limitations

InfoPath was never built for SharePoint to begin with - a valid fact that many users and developers missed. It was retro-fitted to support SharePoint, so Microsoft could provide a forms solution to be used on SharePoint, but there were always limitations!

Several years ago, we encountered that even when using Microsoft InfoPath for client projects, we struggled with building a tangible business case for them. The tangible return on investment became difficult to prove for business process enablement projects, because a significantly large proportion of work was still required to go into workflow development.

3. The New Digital World

HTML5, mobile, cloud, analytics, social – people working in real-time, anywhere, anytime, empowered. New demands, new technology required.

What's the answer?

FlowForma Process Automation is a business process management tool built for solution consultants. We insist on being a 'business analyst' focused tool. To make the complex simple can be a tough challenge, but that is our mantra. This increases the speed to deliver these projects and drives up project success rate. Indeed, the closer you can bring the business users to the solution, the greater chance of successful project implementations.

We are committed to the new digital world – but only where we can add real business value. We build features that our clients and partners will actually use, not an abundance of features that they won't.

Watch our webinar (''Accelerate your InfoPath Migration''), explaining our InfoPath Migration tool and see how easy it is to replace and move your old InfoPath forms to FlowForma Process Automation.

View our InfoPath brochure for more information on how FlowForma can help you replace your old InfoPath forms.


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