A Big Welcome to Microsoft Flow from FlowForma

A big welcome to Microsoft Flow, the new integration application services layer from Microsoft, sitting in the cloud.

It’s still in preview mode but we’re a little bit excited as this new technology simplifies even further the integration points we are connecting to on a daily basis to help FlowForma support Everyday, ‘Dark’ and Collaborative processes for our end customers and partners.

In summary, Microsoft Flow provides integration end-points to other platforms such as Twitter, SalesForce CRM, Yammer and MailChimp to name a few… the beauty of this service is that it is open – i.e. technology cloud providers can build and submit their own services to be supported by Flow (we’re already on the case!).

For example, in the future you will be able to kick-off a business process in FlowForma based on a trigger in Dynamics CRM (with Microsoft Flow connecting the two technologies seamlessly). You could do this today, of course, but it takes a few more steps than it should!

So all exciting stuff – watch out for future announcements from the FlowForma team where we’ll be releasing more features to allow you, the citizen developer, build and support key decision making processes within your organisation!

For further information on FlowForma Process Automation and the problems we are solving for customers today (e.g. insurance policy renewal processing, new product development, legal contract management) please drop us a line at and we'd be happy to discuss.


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