AIIM & FlowForma Webinar Reflection

Read Neil Young's reflection on our recent webinar with AIIM...Last week, I was delighted to participate as a speaker on AIIM’s webinar entitled "Putting the Power of Business Automation into the Hands of your Business Managers”. This webinar topic drove strong interest and it was great to see so many business managers on the call. It’s with this in mind, that I thought I’d share some key messages from the webinar.

The webinar was led by the highly respected Bob Larrivee, VP and Chief Analyst at AIIM, who discussed some of the process challenges faced by many of AIIM’s members from human resources to client engagement, contract management and enabling/accelerating innovation. 

Some Key Insights from the Webinar

Some interesting statistics where surfaced on the day from AIIM research specifically ‘AIIM’s Industry Watch: Paper-Free 2016 – Are We There Yet?’. Most notably, AIIM members are seeing substantial paper reductions in the areas of recruitment (49%) and the overall employee lifecycle (48%). We, at FlowForma, notice this area as a key driver for initially embedding our BPM (Business Process Management) technology, from new joiners being on boarded into a company, right through to employee contracts, performance reviews, talent management frameworks etc.

Bob and I had a good conversation on the webinar about how the BPM landscape is changing, how technology needs to respond more quickly than ever before because customers are demanding it – we call this ‘digital acceleration’. Therefore low code / no code tools such as FlowForma BPM for Office 365 need to be adopted to implement these processes quickly – having the speed to deliver is vital.

These low code / no code tools need to be in the right hands to see the full effect of business process modernisation, we covered the concept of having ‘citizen developers’ within the organisation. As we see it, ‘citizen developers’ are the employees within an organisation that have business analysis skills and act as a connect between IT and the business. 

Your BPM Questions Answered

We had a lot of questions during the webinar Q&A, so I thought I’d share some of the questions that stood out for me:

  • What kind of training do you need for FlowForma BPM for Office 365?
    Two days training will bring a Business Analyst up to speed on the FlowForma BPM tool, enabling them to start building out digital processes. We also have a range of online learning resources available to enable ‘citizen developers’ to build up their FlowForma BPM knowledge as they progress.

  • How long does it take to build and deploy a process using FlowForma BPM for Office 365?
    We’ve engaged with some customers who have brought a process online and live within 2 days (such as performance appraisal). Obviously, the more complex the process the more effort, but it is significant different/quicker to competitor products / traditional development approaches.

  • Do I need any other technologies to run FlowForma BPM? 
    All you need is Microsoft SharePoint (2010 upwards). Most of our recent deployments are in Office 365 but we can also serve Azure and on premise environments. 

Thank You

A big thank you to Bob Larivee of AIIM for leading such an insightful webinar and I can’t forget Theresa Rasek our AIIM webinar moderator, who did an amazing job of keeping us all in check.

Most importantly, I’d like to thank everyone who attended the webinar for their participation and interaction.

For those who registered but couldn’t attend the webinar, you can view a webinar recording here.


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