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Celebrating Digital Processes - A Thanksgiving Special

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

For those of you who may not be aware, today is the feast of Thanksgiving which is an annual national holiday held on the fourth Thursday in November across the United States.

First celebrated by Pilgrim Fathers to commemorate the harvest, it's a holiday which traditionally sees families and friends come together for a special meal to celebrate all things in life - big or small!

New Trends, New Traditions

Nowadays, this time of year has become heavily commercialized by the retail and sporting industries, as several retail outlets offer large discounts and various high profile sporting events take place in each state - a far cry from this festivals origins.

As is with life though, society evolves and with it comes the evolution of new traditions and ideas. You'll always have those who stick to the old ways and those who embrace change and move on to newer ideas.

It's not too dissimilar from a businesses point of view, when looking to take their first steps into the digital world. At first you're skeptical about moving away from the methods that have served you for so long, though once you dip your toe in the digital pond, you'll find that all you want to do is jump in and fully submerge yourself in it.

Thankful for Process Automation

To give you some perspective of this, it's always good to talk about a real life example. Step forward one of Northwest US' largest divorce and family law firms, McKinley Irvin. Awash with internal paper-based business processes and email chains, they knew there had to be an alternative to the amount of time employees were spending completing daily tasks.

In order for employees to focus on what matters most, their clients, Business Process Analyst at McKinley Irvin, Dustin Ray, recognized that it was time to embrace digital transformation and bring their processes online using a process automation tool“it’s about freeing up the ‘brain time’ of our paralegals and attorneys, letting them focus on the complex nature of law, rather than day-to-day tasks that can be so time-consuming.” 

As is the case with several industries which involve heavy amounts of paper-based processes, employees can choose to battle on with their existing process system, or look to leverage an electronic alternative in order to move towards a paperless office, increasing productivity and transparency company-wide. An incentive almost all employees in any business would be thankful for!

Showing Appreciation

As evidenced by the most recent report carried out by the research experts at Forrester, it's fast becoming a reality that automation technologies will compliment employees in the workplace and as a knock-on effect will positively impact customer experience as a result. I don't think there is any customer out there who wouldn't be grateful for that!

Why not download a complimentary copy of Forrester's 'Predictions 2019: Automation' report (worth $499) today, to learn more about how process automation can transform your organization!

Download Forrester Report Read McKinley Irvin Case Study

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