Does Digital Transformation Scare You? (Halloween Special)

Halloween is a time of year when opinions are most definitely split. Today, it’s a festivity which continues to divide opinion – people either love it and embrace its traditions or hate it and completely distance themselves from everything that it represents.

As kids, the phrase Trick or Treat became synonymous. We all pinned our hopes on receiving sweet treats from our neighbors living close by. Of course if you weren’t so lucky you either received fruit (which let’s be honest no kid wants) or you received nothing and were left disappointed because you missed out on all the goodies to the other local kids.

Does this fear of disappointment still loom at the thought of your organization embracing digital technologies by digitizing its business processes, like as a kid when you came away empty handed at Halloween?

Scared Efforts Won't Reap Rewards?

As workforces become increasingly influenced by millennials, digital transformation is now a must for enterprises. When undertaking a digital transformation project, it’s important to commit to it and implement throughout. In turn you will find it will aid employees' productivity and efficiency, whilst also keeping employees satisfied and engaged.

So, cast your mind back to the days when you were a kid at Halloween. You were hoping to get some nice treats to keep you satisfied but if you didn’t get them you felt disappointed and disinterested. This is much like the millennial workforce of today who crave new self-service technologies to assist them when carrying out daily tasks.

Of course, it’s not just the employees who feel empowered with digital technologies, most importantly it results in customers receiving an all-round better customer experience which is the end game for every enterprise. Both correlate and go hand in hand with one another, or a witch and her broom if you will...

Overcome Your Fears

The idea of a big change within any enterprise can be frightening for all employees, but it can also bring employees closer together through learning new technologies collectively. Bear in mind, everyone is starting at the same point together.

Ultimately it means less labor whilst improving efficiency and accuracy, and encourages an environment of digital technology. Why stick with old habits and remain buried in paper and email processes?

Scarily Fast Process Automation

A proven tool to accelerate your digital transformation journey is the no code FlowForma Process Automation tool for Office 365. Empowering business users to build and streamline their internal business processes using our intuitive user interface, our tool represents rapid return on investment whilst also maximizing your existing Office 365 investment.

Why not take a free 30-day trial of FlowForma Process Automation this Halloween? Don’t be scared, no credit card – no commitment!

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