Driving Process Automation Results In Education

It's no exaggeration to say digital transformation within the education sector has changed more in the last 18 months than it has in the previous 18 years, in what many would even describe as a digital revolution within the education sector.

The move to remote learning through such platforms as Seesaw, with virtual classrooms hosted through Microsoft Teams and similar, has shown that schools have had to fully embrace a hybrid approach to learning both in the classroom, and from the student’s home, and overcome the many challenges this has provided along the way, regarding hardware and connectivity.


The student learning experience is one aspect that has evolved full circle, the other that is still evolving, is the day-to-day running of the College or University and the back-office side of the ‘business’, and the requirement to still be able to generate revenue, onboard staff, new students and perform other critical aspects of the day-to- day running of that institution, irrespective of where back-office staff is working from.

These functions are often spread over multiple sites within the likes of HR, Finance and Payroll, and all typically have a very high reliance on paper-heavy processes which, therefore, in turn, result in bottlenecks and broken processes that are affecting the day- to-day operation of the School, College or University.

Empowering Change

The common consensus in the educational sector of who is best to drive this change and digital transformation, and to digitize these manual processes, is the people who are working within these departments on a daily basis. This is where FlowForma excels. We empower the business user within that department to drive this change and give them the tools to do this within the Microsoft Office 365 environment they already have.

The FlowForma Process Automation tool is designed to be used by businesspeople, they don't need to have any coding skills. Historically the mindset might have been rolling out a digital transformation project would sit with IT to complete. However, limited resources within IT departments would typically stifle the speed of digitization. Add to that the awareness of the cost to bring in outside coding resources on a contractor basis has further delayed this, but as FlowForma Process Automation has no reliance on coding to complete, or start digitizing, and as such, these barriers are removed from day one.

Education bodies are now able to circumvent those historical barriers, by empowering those departments to make these changes at speed with resources they already have. At the same time, FlowForma allows the education sector to implement governance features on the rollout to ensure a compliance perspective is maintained.

Results From Automating Education Processes

Here at FlowForma, I'm working closely with higher education bodies across Europe and America, who are experiencing rapid return on investment from digitizing their everyday processes. One example is Abingdon & Witney College in the UK, by digitizing 6 processes alone, they saved over 5,000 hours of admin, enabling their staff to work on more value-added tasks. Find out more about their success in digitizing processes such as Trips and Visits, Student Update Forms etc. by reading this case study.

Next Steps

Educational organizations are facing increasing pressure to provide an agile workforce, while at the same time they also face pressures across all revenue streams. Learn how we can help in both these aspects and what difference our no code Digital Process Automation software can make, that will drive efficiencies across the board, that are tangible, and provide real-time visibility to stakeholders.

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