Case Study | Automate 60+ Paper Processes in 12 Months

Imagine this scenario – you’re:

  • constantly drowning in paper forms

  • wasting your precious time chasing people for sign-off, and

  • trying to report back on historical data.

It’s an absolute nightmare! Every solution you have tried proved to be expensive and ineffective. I’m sure some of you can relate?

The Business Process Management Dream
But now, close your eyes and imagine automating all these processes via online forms and workflows. The chaos that took control over your business, has now disappeared. The burden of the never-ending processes is now a distant memory. All in the space of a short 12 months.

Sounds too good to be true?

Well, this is exactly what Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine have achieved with our no code self-service BPM tool. After the decision to become a cloud-first organization was made, the next logical step was to start eliminating paper trails, with their focus shifting to the company’s inefficient and challenging paper-based processes.

There was a big demand for electronic workflows, but progress was slow because we only had limited internal resources able to create them and outsourcing was expensive,” said Martyn Coleman, IT Systems Architect, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine. “It was one piece of the jigsaw we were finding difficult to fit.”

It wasn’t until they trialled FlowForma BPM that all the jigsaw pieces started coming into place.

Their first two workflows went live within a month, and others quickly followed, with news of FlowForma BPM’s benefits spreading across the organization like wildfire. A culture of collaboration started emerging, as people from different departments were keen to start using the no code FlowForma BPM tool to improve their practices and increase productivity. As a result, every department in the company is now engaged in replacing their paper-based processes, with turnaround time dramatically reduced.

Want to find out exactly how they did it? Read full LSTM case study.



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