How To Best Prepare For The 'New Normal'

The new normal. It's a phrase that's probably driving most people crazy right now as it's everywhere - social media, newspapers, TV, everywhere! The reason for this is because there had to be a phrase or description put on the way we're going to be working, not just now, but in the future.

In particular, it's the foreseeable future that we need to adjust to, the old way is no longer an option. No more will we be able to interact as closely as we've done in the past. We're not going to be able to work in cramped office working spaces anymore. There's a new way and we have to embrace it in order to keep going, to keep being efficient.

Collaboration Preparation

You need to have an environment that is consistent for everybody, whether you're in the office or remote. So you can't rely on the whiteboard that's in your office any longer. You have to rely on technology. Technology is what's going to do it. Organizations can't have paper lying around anymore.

Email is great, don't get me wrong, and your inbox will still be active, but you need to reduce the numbers in your inbox right now, and how do you do that? From a preparation point of view, you have to embrace the fact that you have platforms available to you, available to every organization where they can collaborate, where you can interact from a business point of view and that interaction is going to be efficient and visible.

For example, integration with a tool like Microsoft Teams is a massive aid. Being able to include third parties, customers, or stakeholders to kick-off queries, etc., and input into processes through the mobile app is a huge benefit. Thankfully we've just launched a brand new app to provide this functionality!

Collaboration Gamification

To encourage adoption of a collaborative solution across the business, it's now time to get somebody at a high level who is going to back what you're trying to do. Someone who will be supportive of the fact that you're going to try and normalize the way you operate in a digital format to try and collaborate no matter where anybody is.

In my experience, a useful way to do this is through a gamification approach. Put the scenario to your team that 'if you had a magic wand and you could make a process digital so you could collaborate on it easily, what would it be?' From their feedback, get a team in place to whittle down the contenders and let those contenders have a prize and then select a winner with an overall prize. Essentially it means that you're going to get a lot more feeling of inclusion and you get a far higher level of buy in from users. And it's a bit of fun!

Agile Processes

When you have this digital environment built, you need to be in a position to react quickly to the user feedback. So you bring in your process that people weren't used to before. They have a visibility now unlike previous, meaning they can see when a process is at their step for them to input information.

With the no-code FlowForma Process Automation platform, you can make adjustments quickly and react fast. That means you don't lose quality. But you do get a speedier reply to requests and a faster reaction without the need to involve third parties or specialists skills or professional services because that's what holds up a lot of projects.

Powerful Process Collaboration

To learn more about how FlowForma for Microsoft Teams can encourage effective collaboration across your business visit our special Teams web page. If your interested in discovering more about our FlowForma Engage tool to enable external parties such as suppliers, customers, contractors/subcontractors and external stakeholders (including the general public) to input directly to your business processes, visit our FlowForma Engage page.

Alternatively, you can reach out to one of our product experts for a more in-depth discussion about our range of remote collaboration bundles.

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