“Is Low Code Too Much Code?”

A few weeks ago a new customer to our business asked this question in clear frustration. They had previously invested time and money in a ‘low-code’ process automation platform the preceding 12 months and had achieved next to nothing in terms of tangible business outcomes.

They asked all the obvious questions up-front:

“Do we need software developers to build out these processes?

"Do we need much support from I.T?"

"Is there much training to bring us up to speed easily?”

Of course, all of this was passed off as “no you don’t / minimal IT support / you’ll be up and running in no time!”. The vendor clearly needed to convince the buyer and remove all their concerns, but there are broader issues at play in the market right now.

Resolving Industry Issues

The first issue being miss-marketingSome vendors in the broader market are clearly painting a picture that their platform can be placed in the arms of ‘business developers’ and off they go in a couple of clicks! They are miss-representing their products and are poorly communicating the potential outcomes to prospective buyers, which is only further confusing the market, which leads to my second issue…

The second issue being…. confusion within the market. Would it be simpler for everyone if we had two categories?

  • ‘Low-Code’ platforms (designed for developers)
  • ‘No-Code’ platforms (designed for business people)

The Breakdown

Low-Code’ process automation platforms have had a real impact and are really driving up productivity within software development teams but they are a completely different animal to ‘No-Code’ process automation platforms. In fact, some organizations will adopt both platform types in the foreseeable future to improve productivity from a multitude of angles.

Low-Code’ process automation platforms are built on the premise that they will make the application developers work more productive; ‘No-Code’ process automation platforms are built on the premise that they are arming the business analyst/consultant/manager with the technology tools to build their own business applications, broadening the productivity pool in the organization. Two very different spectrums, that may overlap, but cannot interchange who they serve.

The third issue is buyer awareness. Low-Code platforms have been established for some time now (20+ years) but No-Code is relatively new (last 5 years). More understanding is needed around the no-coding phenomenon and how they can complement existing technology sets within the Enterprise. At the end of the day, all boats will rise if we remove the confusion.

Trust 100% No Code 

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