"Keep Up.." - A SharePoint Developers Diary at ESPC 17

The European SharePoint (and Azure) community got together a few weeks ago in Dublin, Ireland, for the European SharePoint Conference 2017, to hear some of its leading figures discuss the present and future of the technology.

Microsoft has been busy for some time rolling out more and more features and updates for Microsoft SharePoint, which can be challenging for developers and IT pros in general. So there’s nothing better than getting all the facts (and the most recent news) from some of the people that are behind those changes.

Don't be Overwhelmed

At an event like this it is common to be flooded with buzzwords, new ideas and technologies that while promising, and certainly useful in some scenarios, may or may not provide value for companies looking to use (more) technology to increase their productivity.

Buck the Trend

Simple, tried and proven solutions, may not be the latest thing, but they can be, in most cases, the best answer to a customer’s problem - the bottom line: do what’s right and effective, not necessarily what’s trending. It’s always good to keep in mind that when you’re holding a hammer, everything can easily look like a nail!

A Developers Best Friend

One of the main points of interest during the conference was the SharePoint Framework (SPFx). A fast-changing universe of tools, patterns and practices that departs from the way developers had been working to shape SharePoint to meet users’ needs - and the growing importance of Azure, now a tool that no SharePoint developer can work without.

Key Thoughts to Take Home

The main goal with these is as always to increase “collaboration”; getting users to work more closely, to share their knowledge and get things done faster with less effort. But it can be difficult to cope with so many new things, their associated learning curves, and getting the proper tool from such an extensive toolset. As far as FlowForma goes, we are working on leveraging the right features of both SPFx and Azure to allow our customers and partners to do more and better - and obviously using no code.

Hats off to Dublin and Ireland, this was a very well-organized event and extremely rich in content. Hopefully it will be just as good next year, in Copenhagen.


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