Putting The Spotlight On Process Automation

The late American leadership expert and scholar Warren Bennis once said: "In life, change is inevitable. In business, change is vital."

I think this quote sits strongly in relation to the topics covered and discussed during our recent webinar with Vice President and Chief Analyst, Bob Larrivee, AIIM.

As previously mentioned in a blog post by our CEO, Neil Young, there is an increasing demand for digital transformation by the next generation of employees who have grown up in a digital society. This demand has a knock-on effect for Chief Information Officers (CIO's) and decision makers as they look for an attainable solution to bring technology into the hands of the business users.

Room to Improve

From recent research carried out by the information specialists at AIIM, Bob revealed that 75% of organizations recognize that process automation is a mustDespite the majority of companies and organizations claiming they do a "fair job" both managing and maintaining their business processes, they do recognize that there is scope for further improvement and development.

As a result, decision makers and CIO's are constantly looking for innovative ways to enhance customer experience, whilst also becoming consistent and efficient throughout their own organization. A tall order perhaps, but not when a no code process automation like FlowForma Process Automation is readily available - significantly reducing the time taken to complete internal business processes without any coding and limited technical ability required.

Consumeration of IT

To make digital transformation a success, business processes are best left to those who are most familiar with them, the business users. By providing them with the necessary tools to build and streamline processes in co-ordinance with IT, it allows the CIO and his/her team to provide the essentials such as:

  • Governance
  • Training
  • Advice
  • Integration

From previous experience we find that Heads of IT fully understand and realize the demands being placed on them, showing an enthusiasm to assist and connect with the business audience. FlowForma Process Automation is quickly empowering such individuals, with our trusted friend IT in close proximity.

Interested in kick starting your digital transformation journey with FlowForma Process Automation? Why not take a free 14-day trial or have one of our product specialists show you a demo of our solution.

Watch the recording of our webinar, featuring Bob Larrivee from AIIM.


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