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Revealed - Your 5 Favorite Blogs of 2018!

Nollaig Shona Duit, Feliz Navidad, Joyeux Noël - Happy Christmas to you all wherever you are in the world!

As the festive season has come upon us and with 2019 just around the corner, it's a nice time to sit down and look back on what has been a very busy 2018.

From being voted by our loyal and valued customers as a 'High Performer' on the solutions review platform G2 Crowd, to launching FlowForma Governance in late October, to enabling cross-functional teams to collaborate with the FlowForma Collaborate add-on earlier this year, it's certainly been a whirlwind 12 months.

To support Business Analysts and Business Managers, we have compiled a series of useful blogs over the past year by our product experts, containing tips and best practice to help you make the most of your process automation investment.

So as selected by our followers, I wanted to look back at the blogs you told us were your favorite from the past year. I've taken the liberty of sharing with you the top 5:

Process Automation for Dummies blog image1. Process Automation For 'Dummies' 

Here you will learn in simple terms what exactly process automation is, why organizations need it and the benefits it brings to your business. This blog is useful for those who are not quite sure of the terminology around process automation and how it works. Ideal for anyone at the beginning of a digital transformation journey!

View here

Digital Transformation blog image for webpage2. Digital Transformation – Where Does The Rubber Meet The Road?

Keeping with the theme of digital transformation, whether you are a small, medium or enterprise organization you can add real value through this initiative. Here we showcase by using a case study just how real these results are!

View here

To Rejuvenate an Old Process or Start from Scratch blog - blog image3. To Rejuvenate An Old Process Or Start From Scratch?

So let's set the scene. You have a process flow that's been in use for some time now, but you've highlighted several areas for improvement. You have the requirements, but your not sure what your next step is.

In this blog post you will find an example, that is sure to be useful when deciding if you should alter the existing process or start from scratch and build a new one in the future.

View here

Is low code too much code blog - blog image4. “Is Low Code Too Much Code?”

In this blog you will learn from genuine questions posed to our product experts. Frustration from software buyers has led them to increased skepticism when looking to invest in a process automation tool.

Having been burned in the past by software vendors are"miss-representing their products and are poorly communicating the potential outcomes to prospective buyers." So, how do we overcome this challenge? We take a look a look at the market as a whole!

View here

lego blocks5. Process Implementation – The LEGO Effect!

Okay, you've just purchased a process automation solution, but what's the best way to document your process in order to allow you to restructure it if required? It's useful to have a blue print of how you got there and achieved your goals to allow you to use this again in the future if required.

View here

Looking to learn more about process automation and digital transformation? Why not visit our entire blog archive or share with us in the comments below what you would like our process automation and digital transformation experts to cover in 2019!

Happy Holidays!

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