Want a Complete End-to-End BPM Solution?

Having delivered workflow solutions for over twenty years, I have tried many approaches to find the route to success with workflow projects. The complexity of workflow solutions often results in systems that are difficult to construct, use and maintain.

A new approach is required to deliver workflow solutions quickly, that are easily adopted by the business and can be constructed and maintained by empowered business users and citizen developers.

Historically, workflow management solutions were built using multiple tools, designed to solve different specific elements of the business problem:

  • Tools for Tasks, Resources and Rules – one tool to manage tasks, assign resources and execute business rules to manage workflow branching

  • Forms tools for Data Collection – another tool to record data captured as an output from tasks

  • Tools for Communications (documents and emails) – yet another tool to output emails and generate documents

No matter how good the individual tools are, you had to integrate all the components to provide a complete solution. Also, end users would need to use several separate applications to achieve their business goals and full process automation.

There is an often overlooked issue, when you are initially discussing the business problem with stakeholders, there is no clear picture of what the overall solution will look like. Also, it takes time to deliver and integrate the separate solutions, allowing time for the business to change.

FlowForma BPM Tool aims to solve these issues by providing a single tool to deliver a complete end-to-end solution. Integrating workflow with electronic forms, emails, document generation and collaborative decision making in one, easy to use configuration tool with a single user interface for the end-user, allowing them to see where they are at any point in the workflow, and have an intuitive view on what they have to do to achieve their goal, as well as report quickly on the outcomes.

With its one-tool approach, FlowForma BPM takes less effort and time to deliver the overall solution, so that stakeholders’ expectations can be satisfied and the solution can be delivered ahead of business change. (In fact, FlowForma BPM is up to 10 times faster than traditional software development tools!) When change arrives, the solution can then be easily adapted by empowered users.

FlowForma BPM focuses on ease of use, ensuring that the solution can be built easily by those who understand the business goals, while providing end users with a simple, efficient experience when completing their work.

Try FlowForma BPM today by signing up to a 30 day trial and use our built-in template processes to quickly evaluate FlowForma’s strengths. 


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