6 Ways To Automate Your Processes & Accelerate Digital Transformation!

The idea of process automation is not new and its promise of cost saving and efficiency has always struck a chord with businesses.

What's taking this to another level is digital transformation, the journey that most organizations have embarked upon. Executed properly it should include 'a root and branch review' of Business Process Management (BPM).

From dealing with prospects on a regular basis, talking about transforming internal business processes almost always turns into larger digital discussions.

Becoming a Process Hero

We find businesses want to cut down on paper trails, increase process visibility, and meet regulatory requirements more easily. They aspire to improve internal collaboration and facilitate seamless external communications with customers, whilst looking for automation tools to fix broken processes! 

To help you on your way we've given you a flavor of our latest customer success e-book, showcasing some of the different ways that you can automate your processes and accelerate your digital transformation journey. 

1. Go Digital and Eliminate Repetitive Processes

We've all witnessed it - filing cabinets are full of contracts and folders are bursting with purchase orders and dockets. All you wish for is a workplace without paper!

Inefficiencies from repetitive tasks are wasting employees time. Ultimately this impacts cash flow, and makes it increasingly difficult to stay on the right side of regulatory compliance.

ebook cover-1 (1)2. Enable Business Units to Become More Strategic

Organizations have always understood the benefits of Business Process Management (BPM), but were often put off at the prospect of expensive deployment projects run by IT departments.

That’s all changed with what Forrester Research Inc. calls low-code platforms that target non-traditional developers with self-build workflow solutions. Suddenly, it’s become a lot easier!

3. Meet Regulatory Requirements More Easily

A common goal of process automation is to improve compliance and create greater transparency across an organization. The problem with paper is that it gets lost.

Even documents that are stored and shared electronically, where important information is distributed over email, is not ideal because it creates an audit trail that is difficult to track.

Want to Learn More?

Download the full e-book to unlock the entire super 6 methods to automate your processes! You will also learn more about the success of FlowForma customers through practical examples and use cases, of how each of the six individual methods have assisted businesses in their quest to go digital and what digital transformation really means to them.


Have further questions about how process automation can drive digital transformation within your organisation? Simply leave a comment below, or reach out to our product experts for a demo to learn more. Additionally, you can try a free 30 day trial of our process automation tool no credit card - no commitment!

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