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Albert Einstein once said "Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler". This can be applied to different industries and technologies but is becoming increasingly relevant within the Business Process Management technology space.

Recent technology market analyst reports present a concerning trend whereby they identify that 'traditional BPM tools are not keeping pace with the constant business change of today.'

These traditional BPM platforms are incredibly deep technical tools, with an array of technical components for software developers to utilize and to implement the ultimate business process solution for the enterprise.

But, with this deep technical array of features focusing on the 'software developer's tool-kit', they are reinforcing complexity and therefore, missing a trick as inferred by the industry analysts. The ability to implement processes in an expedient manner and, even more importantly, easily modify these complex technologies in line with business change is a real issue.

FlowForma BPM is a product, proven to address this business challenge.

FlowForma Simplicity


FlowForma BPM focuses on the core functional elements of Business Process technology platforms, with a keen eye for making the use of these components simple. Our mandate was to make a powerful Business Process Management tool, simple to use. Effectively, to make it a BPM tool for analysis professionals who are directly connected to the business. There is a significant amount of power within the product, though it is delivered through a very straight forward, user-friendly interface. As more features are added, it becomes increasingly difficult to focus on simplicity.

It takes a lot of extra effort to present detailed features simply and intuitively but we remain committed to maintaining this quality in our system. A key part of this simplicity is focusing on the business process handoffs, i.e. what information is passed between the process steps.

To put this in context, have you ever walked into a 'war-room' where a detailed process diagram is presented on the wall, joined together by many sheets of A4, were every contributor shakes hands and agrees they've cracked the process? I agree there should be some form of high-level analysis of the steps within the process but when it comes to analyzing the detail moving from one step to another (i.e. the handoffs), the workflow diagrams do not handle this well.

FlowForma BPM addresses this through their innovative Flow Designer tool, allowing the handoffs to be prototyped quickly, played back to the audience and then refined for live deployment. The speed from design through to delivery is incredibly impressive.

This is a fundamental shift in approach versus the traditional BPM players, and, more importantly, is working.

Powerful simplicity.


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