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The 5 Best Kept Secrets About No Code BPM

By David Shanley Posted on: February 20, 2018

I won't lie to you, I find it difficult to keep a secret...

Process Implementation – The LEGO Effect!

By Jim Smith Posted on: February 1, 2018

You’ve just received a licence to a new piece of software, and you’re eager to show your..

A Strong Case for Process Automation! (Case Study)

By Conor McGrath Posted on: January 26, 2018

Working in the world of Marketing and storytelling, when I see a compelling story about a..

Struggling with Contracts Management? Vestergaard Have Tackled It!

By Conor McGrath Posted on: October 4, 2017

Vestergaard are a global health company dedicated to improving the well being of..

How To Transition From SureStart to Self Sufficiency

By Jim Smith Posted on: August 4, 2017

I trust we got you off to a good start with our SureStart programme. We may have implemented the..

3 Ways to Overcome User Resistance to BPM Tools

By David Shanley Posted on: July 28, 2017

In spite of the many benefits to end users and the organization as a whole, there can still be..

Want a Complete End-to-End BPM Solution?

By Paul Stone Posted on: July 13, 2017

Having delivered workflow solutions for over twenty years, I have tried many approaches to find..

Making SureStart Work For You

By Jim Smith Posted on: July 6, 2017

We understand that starting to use a new software might seem daunting at first, not knowing..

Traditional BPM Gives Way To Digital Process Automation

By David Shanley Posted on: June 16, 2017

The BPM landscape is changing and constantly evolving. With traditional Business Process..

Helping You Drive Digital Transformation in HR

By Paul Stone Posted on: June 9, 2017

HR processes tend to be those that everyone is familiar with: annual appraisals, leave requests,

3 Checks for Business Analysts Before Recommending A ‘Business App’

By Olivia Bushe, CEO Posted on: May 18, 2017

We know the drill – you’ve found an App in the cloud that you are convinced will solve your..

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