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PEX Low Code Live - Sharpen Minds And Unleash Innovation With No Code Process Automation

FlowForma is excited to announce that we are participating in an the upcoming PEX Network Low Code Live Event to share how to sharpen minds and unleash innovation with no code process automation. If you are responsible for digital transformation in your organization, then this event is not to be missed!

To meet the enormous need for process automation and improved digital experiences, organizations are empowering non-IT workers to automate and optimize the processes they are closest to. FlowForma’s no code process automation tool empowers employees to take control of the way they work, collaborate more effectively, eradicate silos that slow them down and accelerate digital transformation. No code automation makes creative innovation a part of everyday work, it encourages innovation and creativity, empowering people to make improvements in critical areas of the business.

Join our hosts from FlowForma on January 26, 2022, as they explore real world non-IT process automation success stories, tips for accelerating digitization and insights into how you too can create a culture of continuous improvement

This Event Will Explore:

  • The differences between low code and no code process automation
  • How no code process automation accelerates digital transformation
  • How to overcome transformation challenges at boardroom
  • The acorn approach to process automation (transforming one process at a time)
  • Real world customer success stories

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Event Details

Theme: Sharpen Minds And Unleash Innovation With No Code Process Automation.
January 26, 2022, 10am (EST) / 3pm (GMT)
Where: Online

Cost: Complimentary
Suitable for: COOs, CIOs, CTOs, IT Managers, Digital Transformation Managers, Business Analysts, Process Analysts, Business Managers, Operations Managers, Innovation Managers etc.

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