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The Future of Oil & Gas: Digital Transformation Summit - March 26-27, 2019 (East Houston, Texas)

FlowForma are excited to sponsor The Future of Oil & Gas USA: Digital Transformation Summit, taking place in Houston on the 26th-27th March 2019.

The Future Oil & Gas USA: Digital Transformation Summit will serve as a platform to navigate the rapidly evolving digital landscape, bringing together CEOs, CIOs, VPs of Operations & Production, Heads of IT, Engineering Solutions & Advanced Analytics Directors and Asset Managers, with investors and innovators.


Event Details:

When: 26-27 March 2019 
Where: R
ed Lion Hotel Intercontinental East Houston

Event Theme:

Digital disruption is everywhere. Transforming our day to day lives, digitization is impacting every aspect of the way we live and work. The oil & gas industry is no exception to this rule, with the sector undergoing a fundamental shift into the digital age and the emergence of a digital oilfield market predicted to exceed $30.7 billion by 2020.

In the face of a rapidly evolving technological landscape, developing game-changing digital solutions, re-evaluating existing operating models, and utilizing data to transform exploration efforts, have been brought to the forefront of industry discussion.

As digital transformation expands its reach across the industry, bringing with it digital drilling and production technology, operational efficiency, data-driven operating models, distributed ledger solutions, lower per barrel production costs and revolutionized supply chains, now is the time to embrace the digital oilfield. 

Register to attend or find out more here.


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