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Webinar: How to Take the Fast Lane To Process Perfection - July 25, 2019

The idea of process automation is not new and its promise of cost saving and efficiency has always struck a chord with businesses. Organizations want to cut down on paper trails, increase visibility and empower mobility. Working with construction companies on a regular basis, we understand their challenges when it comes to digitizing processes, with many still heavily dependent on paper processes and enduring pain points like lost documents, distributed workforces and poor governance.

Join this webinar, to understand how the A14 Joint Venture – a £1.5 billion road construction project in the UK, saved days by automating processes and cutting down on paperwork, with a super-efficient no code business process automation tool.

Webinar Theme: How To Take The Fast Lane To Process Perfection 

Webinar Details:

July 25, 2019 @ 11am (EDT) / 4pm GMT (your time zone)
Where: Online webinar (Register here)
Cliff Lee, Vice President, Octagon Value Chain & Paul Stone, Product Evangelist, FlowForma.
Cost: Complimentary
Suitable for: COOs, CIOs, CTOs, IT Managers, Digital Transformation Managers, Business Analysts, Business Managers, Operations Managers, Process Analysts etc.

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About the Webinar:

By joining this webinar, attendees will hear the latest research and advise on process control, optimization and digitization, issues and solutions from the process experts at FlowForma and Octagon Value Chain. Attendees will also learn from a live demonstration how construction and engineering organizations like the A14 Joint Venture automate and optimize processes with a no code tool for Microsoft Office 365.

Attendees of this webinar will learn:

  • How the A14 joint venture is automating large amounts of document generation, while centralizing and standardizing data across projects.

  • Discover how the A14 joint venture rapidly deployed multiple processes, and increased efficiency and governance with a full audit trail.
  • Why the intuitiveness and rich features of the no code FlowForma Process Automation tool, make it very adaptable and easy for everyone to use.

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