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Online Event: USA Digital Construction Online (Sept 22, 2021)

We're excited to announce that FlowForma will be participating in this year's US Digital Construction Online, the worlds largest virtual event for digital construction! Throughout the series, the depths of the Global Digital Construction market will be explored with exclusive insights on future trends, key drivers, and the global response to digital transformation.

If you are responsible for digital transformation in your organization then this free virtual event, is not to be missed.

USA Digital Construction Online Event - Speakers

As part of this online series, FlowForma's Paul Stone will host a panel discussion alongside Shaun Lewis, Digital Practice & Technology Manager at AECOM, Vikas Bansal, Deputy Project Manager at AECOM, and Jonathan Evans, VDC Project Manager at Turner Construction. Join us as they take a deep dive into the future of construction and the growing adoption of digital working and process automation

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Event Details

Theme: Prepare for the Future Growth of Construction by Adopting Digital Working and Process Automation.
Sept 22, 2021 @ 10:00am (EDT) / 3:00pm (GMT)
Where: Online Webinar 

Cost: Complimentary
Suitable for: COOs, CIOs, CTOs, IT Managers, BIM Managers, Digital Transformation Managers, Business Analysts, Process Analysts, Business Managers, Operations Managers, HR Managers, Health & Safety Manager, Innovation Managers etc in Construction. 

The demand for growth in construction is faster than ever predicted, now more and more organizations are searching for digital tools to overcome processes challenges in construction. Construction and engineering companies need to be ready to lead initiatives in 2021/22 that drive cross-organizational process optimization and automation.

In this session, our panelists will discuss the importance of digitization and will share tips on how they are transforming day-to-day construction processes by embracing digital tools.

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Join this session to hear the panel discuss:

  • The current digital climate of construction and industry pressures in order to keep up with demand
  • Common construction process challenges and how to overcome them by empowering businesspeople to digitize in-house
  • How to drive productivity, mobility and growth by removing manual paper, excel and email processes with agile online processes
  • Tips on how to quickly implement and drive user adoption in a distributed workforce
  • How to future proof your organization with digitization outcomes such as innovation and resilience

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