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Eurofound case study

Initially deployed to solve an HR process problem, FlowForma BPM has gone on to become a strategic asset for Eurofound, with 75% efficiency improvement.

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Deployed to address increasingly regulated HR procedures, FlowForma BPM is a key tool for driving efficiencies across Eurofound’s most important HR business processes such as HR development planning, teleworking requests and special leave requests.

Simply fill out this short form to download the case study and understand how Eurofound’s HR team are revolutionising their processes with the no code, self-service FlowForma BPM tool.



Benefits to Eurofound from Using FlowForma BPM: 

✔  Eurofound has replaced paper and email-based HR processes with electronic workflow
✔  A simple to use self-service tool, FlowForma BPM is now used across the organisation
✔  FlowForma BPM ticks boxes for regulators and auditors
✔  Eurofound can now build new HR workflows 75% more efficiently

FlowForma product review by SharePoint Reviews
''We rebuilt a process in around a week, as opposed to the month we would have
needed with the old application – that’s a 75% efficiency improvement –
and we’ve ended up with something much better
than what we had before."
  David Pritchard Eurofound FlowForma customer 

David Pritchard,
Systems Analyst,