Digitize or Deteriorate

Live Webinar Featuring
Rob Koplowitz, Forrester Research Inc
December 2, 2020 @ 11am EST/4pm GMT



Webinar Invite: ''Digitize Or Deteriorate''

When: December 2, 2020 @ 11am EST/4pm GMT (your time zone)

The message from Forrester is clear: digitize or deteriorate.

Forrester research indicates that a vast amount of organizations are depending on processes which run on Excel/paper. Its analysts urgently recommend such organizations to move to a process automation platform as soon as possible - to ensure process visibility, mobility and agility. 

Join us on December 2nd, for a webinar featuring guest speaker, Rob Koplowitz of Forrester to hear:

  • Forrester's 2020 process automation survey results

  • Why process improvement and automation is imperative

  • Why you should embrace the business as your most critical partner with no-code tools

  • How successful businesses are embracing no code process automation

  • Hear FlowForma present use cases of how its customers are empowering their business users to be automation change agents with rapid ROI 

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About Rob Koplowitz


Forrester Logo white transparent-1Rob Koplowitz, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Forrester, serving application development and delivery professionals.

Rob’s research at Forrester focuses on digital process automation as well as artificial intelligence and cognitive computing. Rob has many years of experience in enterprise software consulting, product management and strategy.




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