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Raising Your Game By Automating Processes, Is Easier Than It Sounds

Webinar Recording Featuring
John R. Rymer, Forrester Research Inc, and Robbie Molloy, Aon Insurance



Webinar Recording: ''Raising Your Game By Automating Processes, Is Easier Than It Sounds''

Please note this webinar took place on 21st February 2019. 

We all understand the benefits of process automation, there's plenty, but it's when your processes engage partners and customers, that the benefits become game-changing. Recent research from Forrester Research Inc. indicates that companies who utilize process automation tools to engage external users, forge better business relations while enhancing customer experience.

Aon feat Forrester - FlowForma webinar - insurance processes onlineWhen Aon Insurance sought digital transformation, they on-boarded the no code FlowForma Process Automation tool, to automate everyday processes such as GDPR requests, new joiner/leaver, Fact Finding and insurer amendments. Accelerating their transformation, Aon soon overcame a substantial challenge for their construction contractor clients, regarding the visibility of their subcontractors insurance. Aon revolutionized this subcontractor insurance and renewal process by bringing it online, creating a central repository of all insurance details required, for the subcontractor to be admitted to construction sites.

In this fireside chat webinar hosted by FlowForma, Robbie Molloy from Aon Insurance discussed:

  • How Aon drove business benefits and improved relationships by engaging customers in their processes (it’s easier than it sounds)

  • Why a no code tool like FlowForma Process Automation is driving visibility, efficiency and compliance throughout Aon, with multiple use cases

We also heard from guest speaker John R. Rymer from Forrester Research Inc. about the importance of customer experiences and how to improve these by engaging the customer in your processes. John shared how automating processes is easy, when you have the right tools and how it can have a huge impact on business results.

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Some Webinar Highlights:

  • John interviewed our customer Robbie Molloy from Aon to understand how they are accelerating their digital transformation journey

  • Robbie shared examples of how Aon are automating processes while improving customer relationships

  • John discussed the importance of customer experiences and how to improve these by engaging the customer in your processes




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