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FlowForma changing the BPM landscape


An award-winning Microsoft Office 365 Add-In, FlowForma BPM enables business users and Heads of Departments to quickly implement processes such as HR on-boarding, new product development and clinical trials as well as many others, increasing organizational efficiency and productivity.

FlowForma BPM is a proven business process enablement tool. Built for business power users, it enables organizations to seamlessly build out online processes. From the simple every day to the more complex processes, FlowForma BPM permits its customers to drive business process efficiency simply and intuitively.

With features such as document generation, conversion and business rules, FlowForma provides an end-to-end solution that incorporates data capture, business logic and document assembly as an output for business processes. The product integrates directly with your Microsoft SharePoint or Office 365 environment to leverage all the benefits that this powerful collaboration platform provides, including document management, lists, views, and Power BI.

FlowForma BPM is designed to be configured by the people who understand your business need. Business consultants, power users, business analysts are all examples of people who use our Flow Designer tool to quickly create complete solutions on the SharePoint platform. 


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Dedicated to making the complex simple, FlowForma BPM has simplified the InfoPath forms migration challenge for clients, by developing a unique InfoPath migration tool. This tool enables users to accelerate the migration of business process steps and fields to the FlowForma BPM environment.



No Code, Logic Only


FlowForma BPM allows process owners to take control of the configuration of all aspects of the process by using the Flow Designer to define process steps, questions and business rules.


FlowForma BPM for Office 365 Flow Designer

The Flow Designer is an intuitive tool built for business consultants to construct workflows using a simple web based interface. No code is required to produce fully functional solutions that execute workflows, capture data and issue communications.


Once a process template is defined, the process can be executed repeatedly. Process performance can be monitored, comparing actual process durations against benchmarks. Individual instances of poorly performing processes can be investigated, as all information on the process is stored within the form on SharePoint.

The flexibility of FlowForma BPM allows both simple and complex processes to be implemented, involving sequential or parallel steps. Connected processes can run in multiple sites, serving multiple resource pools.

FlowForma BPM can interact with data stored in SharePoint and external systems, pushing and pulling information to and from the external systems and the form. This reduces the effort of completion as information can be automatically filled in as the workflow progresses.

Decision making functionality allows group assessment of data and independent voting on whether to accept or reject propositions.

Business rules make the process dynamic, ensuring that only the necessary work is done based on the information captured through the workflow.

business rules engine in FlowForma BPM for Microsoft Office 365 screenshot

Visual Flow Designer


The Visual Flow Designer available in FlowForma BPM 5.1 enables Business Managers to rapidly prototype and build online processes. With Visual Flow Designer, the Process Owner is enabled to visually build a process using the intuitive drag and drop functionality, they can see all steps in the flow and easily identify how the process flows, including parallel steps. Empowered with a graphical representation of the process, it makes communication, sign off and even training on the workflow simpler for the Process Owner. FlowForma BPM for Office 365 Visual Flow Designer


Master Form & Sub Form Relationship

FlowForma 5.1 offers Process Owners the ability to create a relationship between both master and sub forms. This enables Business Managers to easily view all forms related to a specific master form and prepopulate sub forms with data from the master form. FlowForma are the first Business Process Management (BPM) vendor to offer Business Managers this functionality.




  • The Visual Flow Designer allows the Process Owners to visually build a process using the intuitive drag and drop functionality

  • FlowForma BPM allows user to generate documents from the information captured throughout the process.

  • Activity Monitoring enables users to visually identify bottlenecks in their processes, or SLA's that are not met.

  • FlowForma BPM is a cloud based tool that can be installed directly in your O365 site or hosted in any Azure. Trials are available in the O365 app store or the Azure market place.

  • Process Owners have the ability to create relationships between master and multiple sub forms

  • Our custom built data feed (OData) allows end users to consume all data captured within their forms and is compatible with any reporting tool that can consume OData feed, e.g. Excel, Power BI etc.

  • FlowForma BPM is also a powerful compliant tool; steps can be configured to require e-signatures.

  • Our mobile app has an easy interface and offers creation of forms offline. The forms are then synced back to the site once connected again.