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Learn From The Best In Your Digital Transformation Journey
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Forrester Benchmark Infographic April 2019:

Learn From The Best In Your Digital Transformation Journey

Digital transformation is a journey, which begins with transforming experiences, then your business and ultimately your market.

It's with this in mind, that Forrester's latest infographic visualizes key statistics from their recent 
digital business activities survey, to give your firm a benchmark to hit.

No matter what stage you're at on your digital transformation journey, this benchmark report has recommended tips for going further.

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Download This Infographic To Discover Findings Like How:

  • Digitally advanced firms grow faster - 44% of digitally advanced companies reported revenue growth greater than 10% in previous year

  • There are digitally advanced firms in every industry, so competition is all around you

  • Digitally advanced firms focus on their technology core by adopting the cloud

  • Advanced firms approach transformation with a portfolio of digital programs to engage customers
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