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Law firm makes case for process automation

Case Study: McKinley Irvin



Case Study: McKinley Irvin Makes Case for Process Automation

FlowForma BPM has transformed this US legal practice with a super-efficient alternative to paperwork and email requests, freeing up employees to concentrate on clients.  

"Having a one-stop shop that we can go to for a heads-up on a process, where we can see instantly if any action needs to be taken, has been indispensable." said Dustin Ray, Business Analyst in McKinley Irvin.

Download the case study to see how McKinley Irvin are now saving several hours around each hire, letting their employees ''focus on the compex nature of law, rather than day-to-day tasks that can be so consuming.''

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How Did FlowForma BPM Benefit McKinley Irvin?

  • Saves a lot of time with automated processes

  • Provides out-of-the-box compliance

  • No coding required

  • Better value than a customized software solution

  • Leverages existing IT investments


McKinley Irvin - FlowForma Customer



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