BPM Strategy Webinar Featuring John Rymer, Forrester Research, Inc.

Please note, this webinar took place on the 24th Oct 2017. You can view the recording here.

FlowForma, the leading provider of BPM tools for Microsoft Office 365®, is pleased to announce its upcoming webinar entitled “How to Harness the Energy and Smarts of your Business Colleagues to Contribute to your BPM strategy”, featuring Forrester Vice President and Principal Analyst, John Rymer.

With the pressure rising for new software to help win, serve, and retain customers, many application development & delivery (AD&D) leaders are re-examining the potential of citizen developers to help. These non-traditional developers can fulfill many of their own needs for personal, team, and departmental applications.

For decades, business people have built applications to advance their own work and their team’s — mostly without AD&D’s oversight. Low-code BPM platforms and tools further raise the potential of these non-traditional developers and empower AD&D leadership to guide and manage their efforts. Low-code platforms for business developers target non-traditional developers with simple tooling and little coding.

Join our guest speaker Forrester Vice President and Principal Analyst, John Rymer at this webinar, for advice on how to harness the energy and smarts of your business colleagues. Hear from Neil Young, CEO, FlowForma on how AON is embracing low-code platforms. Chart your firm’s low-code BPM journey.

Webinar Details

When: October 24, 2017 @ 11am EDT / 4pm GMT

COOs, Operations Managers, Business Analysts, Process Analysts, CIOs, CTOs, System Architects, Performance Analysts, IT Managers, Project Managers, Delivery Managers and IT Consultants.

Watch the recording here.

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