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Why You Should Adopt a No Code Technology Stack into Your Portfolio, feat. AIIM

Webinar Recording Featuring
Bob Larrivee from AIIM



Webinar Recording: ''Why You Should Adopt a No Code Technology Stack into Your Portfolio''

Please note this webinar took place on the 11th July 2018.

In this webinar, AIIM Chief Analyst Bob Larrivee shared the latest from AIIM research to help you make the case for bringing technology into the hands of the business to configure and implement digital business solutions, radically changing your processes to strengthen customer experiences and support digital transformation.

Neil Young, CEO of FlowForma, demonstrated how the platform enables IT to partner with the business.




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Some Webinar Highlights:

  • From recent research carried out by the information specialists at AIIM, Bob revealed that 75% of organizations recognize that process automation is a must

  • Hear use cases on how businesses have radically transformed and automated their processes without any coding, while meeting their digital transformation strategic objectives.

  • Discover how to improve customer experience and accelerate digital transformation with a no-code Process Automation tool. 




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