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Free Digitalization Workshop For Delegates Of Oil And Gas Automation And Digitalization Conference 2023

As a panel sponsor of OGAD 2023, FlowForma is delighted to offer all delegates a free digitalization workshop.

In this interactive session, we'll discuss:

- Why process automation is the fastest route to digital transformation for oil and gas
 - Choosing the right oil and gas processes to digitalize and identifying process champions  
- Build a forecast of the ROI potential for your company
- Prioritize the manual processes to automate and identify which processes will deliver your goals the fastest
 - Get on-the-spot answers to all of your burning oil and gas workflow and process automation questions 2023
 - Develop a timeline for digitalizing your company

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Learn How To Automate Your Processes With A Free Digitalization Workshop


Re-inventing Oil And Gas With Workflow Process Automation  

    • FlowForma® Process Automation empowers Oil, Gas, and Energy companies to digitally transform with an intelligent workflow tool that reduces operational costs.
    • 2023 is the year for oil and gas companies to re-invent themselves, all while becoming leaner and greener. These companies are turning to process automation to help reduce operation, and maintenance costs and unplanned outages and downtime.
    • With focuses on debt reduction, overcoming skills shortages, and transforming business models. There’s never been a better time to discover how processes can be re-invented and widespread automation achieved by empowering businesspeople with self-service process automation tools