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The FlowForma Process Automation tool allows rapid prototyping of forms and workflows with an intuitive user interface to encourage adoption.



The user is presented with a full view of the process, with bottlenecks identified and investigated. All information is available for reporting to facilitate the decision-making process.



FlowForma BPM allows you to build and  automate online business process solutions up to 10 times faster than traditional BPM and workflow tools.



Access to FlowForma Process Automation is achieved via SharePoint security. All steps are assigned to resources and the workflow record is stamped with their unique credentials.


  In-Flight Process Change  

The FlowForma Process automation forms adapts based on all data collected. Workflows can interact, so that actions in different resource pools can impact each other.



An integrated, multifunctional workflow automation tool (forms, workflow, document generation and mobile app with offline accessibility) at the most competitive price. Pay only for your active users!



What our Customers Say

''I needed a tool to be able to develop workflows that was simple enough that I wouldn’t be beholden custom coding, yet powerful and flexible enough to design processes that meet our needs. FlowForma Process Automation is this.''

- Mike Torres, Program Executive, Nisga'a Data Systems

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