The State Of Low-Code Platform Adoption, 2018

Forrester’s Latest Findings on Low-Code Platform Adoption



Forrester Reprint: "The State Of Low-Code Platform Adoption, 2018"

To low-code or not to low-code? This is the question everyone is asking. Low-code development platforms are an increasingly hot topic of discussion with Forrester clients, but is this trend a flash in the pan?

In 2018, Forrester gathered insights into the state of low-code development platform adoption. 

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Discover Forrester's research findings:

  • Rapid Low-Code Adoption Continues:
    Low-code development platform growth is explosive, and Forrester expects this trend to continue. In terms of investments and developer adoption, low-code development continues to accelerate. However, there are some challenges ahead that may slow this pace of adoption.

  • Low-Code Is Viable for All Kinds of Companies
    Survey data shows that low-code platforms are useful solutions to meet enterprise development challenges. Large enterprises are among the biggest adopters of low-code platforms; our survey shows that those who characterize low-code platforms as only appropriate for small businesses are simply wrong, they are used in companies of varying size and develop all kinds of applications.

  • Use Adoption Data to Determine Your Low-Code Plans:
    Forrester data can give AD&D leaders a clearer picture of what use cases are ideal for low-code platforms. Use this data to figure out where you can leverage low code and who should be using it.
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