Process Automation Predictions Revisited

Webinar Recording

Recorded: August 25, 2021



Webinar Recording: Process Automation Predictions Revisited

On August 25, FlowForma held an online webinar, where our Product Strategist, Paul Stone, and Head of Delivery and Customer Success, Gary Mellows unveil how others are approaching process automation as a business imperative, we'll also share the latest research from Forrester's 2021 DPA Survey too!

The drive for process automation in 2021 is inevitable and we've seen organizations accelerate with speed as they've kickstarted their digital transformation journey. Now that we're over halfway through the year we revisited this topic and explored how process automation trends have developed in the past 8 months.

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Webinar Highlights

 - Discover why process automation is critical - now and more so in the future

- See how no code process automation drives value and scale

- Learn how 2021 has been the "year of killing paper", due to problematic paper, spreadsheets, and email

- Understand why processes are extending beyond the organization and incorporating collaboration with external bodies




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