On-Demand Webinar. Building Safety Act 2022: Your 6-Week Digitalisation Roadmap For Compliance

Hear from our process experts as they outline what is required to stay compliance of the Building Safety Act (BSA) 2022. You'll also experience a real-world fire safety digitalisation demo first-hand!

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Webinar Highlights:

📣  Hear how our no code tool empowers your workforce to capture, log and maintain information digitally to ensure your organisation stays compliant with the BSA.
📣 Get the very latest news about the BSA and the implications of the three gateways of compliance.
📣 Hear common BSA digitalisation  challenges, get advice and tips from our experts.
📣 See a real-world digital fire safety process in action to see how simple digitalisation can be for the BSA.



Is your business BSA Ready?

Watch our on-demand webinar to discover the tactics, tools and techniques for driving successful digitalisation to ensure BSA compliance in under 6-weeks.