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FlowForma's Business Process Automation Tool is celebrated and recommended by the process community, Forrester, G2, and more. Explore how our customers rapidly achieve widespread process automation, serious savings, innovation, and better experiences with our award-winning tool.
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No-Code Digital Process Automation Software - FlowForma

Digitalize Processes 5X Faster Than Any Other Tool

 Empower Your Workforce To Digitalize
"The old processes took years to build, now we can build one part, get immediate feedback from the user and move on to the next piece.’’

Imelda Bettinger
Dresser Natural Gas Solutions

Engage Customers Through Our Digital Process Automation Tool

Involve External Stakeholders In Your Internal Processes

Engage Stakeholders In Your Processes
"External participants may include consumers who need to submit documentation; new hires onboarding; or researchers collaborating on product development.”

Key Analysts  
Forrester Research

Digital Process Automation for Microsoft Teams

Collaborate & Innovate Processes With Our Teams App

FlowForma For Microsoft Teams
"Give your staff full visibility of tasks, decision making capability & improved collaboration in the FlowForma app for Microsoft Teams.’’

Gerard Newman
CTO, FlowForma

Deliver Rapid ROI with our digital process automation tool

Deliver Outcomes & Savings In Under 3 Months

Customer Savings Include:

• >$80k saved on 1 process
• >6k admin hours saved on 5 processes
• >700 man-hours saved on 1 process
• >50% reduction in complaints
• >75% reduction in emails 
• >100,000 sheets of paper saved on 1 process

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