On-Demand ENR Webinar: Double Down on Automation To Reap Overwhelming Competitive Advantage

Hear how construction/engineering firms, Rimkus, Bouygues, and Downer are revolutionizing their operations, maximizing efficiency, and harnessing the power of data to safeguard their future growth.

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ENR Webinar Speakers

Webinar Highlights:

📣 Learn how to utilize scalable and flexible software that grows within your business
📣 Understand why a continued focus on no code and easy-to-use technology strategies can support overcoming skill shortages
📣 Hear common construction process challenges, gain advice and tips from our experts
📣 Discover how FlowForma customers are driving adoption of new technologies to generate cost savings and widespread innovation



Have You Discovered The Potential of Digitalization?

The organizations at the forefront of this digital revolution are reaping the benefits with improved efficiency, reduced costs and higher profits.
Watch our on-demand webinar to discover the tactics, tools and techniques for digitalization success.