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Bring key leaders at your organization together and let’s talk about the hottest strategy for 2024, digitalization.

You may be reviewing its suitability, in the early stages of automating processes or advanced in your strategy. No matter where you are on your journey, our consultation workshop is for you.

Book Your Process Automation Consultation


Book Your 1:1 Process Automation Consultation Workshop

This is a unique knowledge exchange opportunity for you to share your current digitalization journey and learn how (and where) other companies are succeeding.
Our automotive process automation expert will guide you as we discover the potential of digitalization for your organization.



In this interactive session, we'll discuss:

 Why process automation is the fastest route to digital transformation for automotive manufacturers and dealerships
 How digitization can empower your workforce to operate smarter, faster, and more effectively 
 Build a forecast of the ROI potential for your company
 Prioritize the manual processes to automate and identify which processes will deliver your goals the fastest
 Hear how your peers are driving value and achieving ROI from digital process automation 
 Develop a timeline for digitalizing for your company


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FlowForma for Automotive

“The automotive industry is seeing a significant shift in demand for process digitalization tools, to encourage seamless multi-site process optimization, engage external users such as suppliers and manufacturers in processes, and eliminate the risk associated with paper-based tasks. With increased competition and customer expectations, the automotive sector is keen for better all-round visibility, productivity, and positive customer outcomes.”

Olivia Bushe,