[Webinar Replay] Painless Process Transformation 

Say the words “Business Process Management,” or even worse, mention the acronym “BPM,” and many business executives will run for the hills, chased by ghosts of past costly, complex, over-budget and late process management projects. And process owners themselves aren’t any less skeptical about projects that were supposed to make their jobs easier, not more difficult.

What if it were possible to think about Business Process Management differently? What if it were possible for non-technical users to quickly and easily make changes to a process in a timely response to new business demands? What if it were possible to open up process automation to almost every aspect of your organisation and your business? It is!

Check out this webinar replay for a look at the new approach to BPM, "Disruptive BPM."

Please note this webinar took place on 6th April 2017