Business Leader

With Business Leaders responsible for steering their organizations to success, they are constantly working on methods to move the business forward. Just some of key goals for this all-encompassing role include identifying areas for improvement, driving innovation, improving customer experience, increasing sales, directing the digital transformation journey and ensuring the right skills are in place.
Business Leader

The old adage “if you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it” has never been more relevant. You can only see metrics in the business for processes that are actually captured and managed digitally. This information feeds your tools for evaluating the performance of the business and helps you answer questions like: How can I digitally transform the organization? How can I encourage more innovation?  I need to hold on to and develop talent, but how can I assess?

How Can FlowForma Benefit your Business?

FlowForma's enterprise process automation software can work across all your divisions within the business and drive real value.  

Process Challenge 1: Talent Management

Talent management and insights are often the most difficult challenges for Heads of HR and a real concern for Business Leaders. A large number of our customers use FlowForma enterprise process automation software to streamline their talent management processes for recruitment selection, candidate voting, first 30-day feedback, performance reviews, exit interviews, and talent management frameworks. By digitizing these processes, HR departments can free up time for more strategic tasks like building insightful talent metrics, transforming HR with data to enable quick decision making, and reporting to C Level. 

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FlowForma BPM - Perfomance Review Process

Process Challenge 2: Innovation Management

With global competition increasing, customer expectations rising and innovation cycles shrinking, the challenge is no longer for businesses to innovate, but instead to innovate rapidly. Whether it's incremental, radical or business model innovation, FlowForma workflow is proven to provide the structure, visibility and collaboration needed to generate, filter and build out product/service/business model concepts quickly. 


FlowForma BPM - Innovation Process

Process Challenge 3: Customer Satisfaction Initiatives

Customer satisfaction is always high on the agenda for customer centric organizations. A number of FlowForma customers have deployed FlowForma Process Automation to digitize the customer satisfaction process and invite customers to submit feedback via FlowForma Engage, to seamlessly capture insights and feedback from customers! 


FlowForma - mobile workflow app

Process Challenge 4: Compliance Initiatives

Regardless of industry, there are normally some elements of compliance needed within all organizations, either regulatory or otherwise. FlowForma customers are making compliance seamless by enhancing the audit abilities of the FlowForma Process Automation tool, capturing additional data and providing audit histories that are easily examined by auditors. 

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FlowForma - Document generation

Customer Feedback

"We rebuilt a performance appraisal process in around a week, as opposed to the month we would have needed with the old application – that’s a 75% efficiency improvement – and we’ve ended up with something much better than what we had before."

- David Pritchard, Systems Analyst, Eurofound

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