Growth and resiliency, supply chain issues, and alleviating skills shortages are all top-of-mind priorities for senior management. The consensus when it comes to overarching goals is that all business leaders are looking for a reliable digital process automation partner to bridge gaps.


  • Transform the business while maintaining high-performance

  • Demonstrate resilience in uncertain economic climates

  • Improve workplace culture when talent is scarce



  • The overall cost of doing business and rising inflation

  • Lack of innovation

  • Talent scarcity/attracting new talent

  • Lack of data to make informed business decisions


The Solution

  • Automated business processes across all departments = significant operational efficiencies

  • A reporting tool that aids the analysis of data = accurate figures to inform and support better decision making in real time



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How Can FlowForma Process Automation Benefit your Business?

FlowForma's digital process automation software can work across all departments within the business to achieve real operational efficiencies.  


Streamline HR Processes

Talent management and insights are often the most difficult challenges for Heads of HR and a real concern for Business Leaders. Many of our customers use FlowForma Process Automation to simplify their talent management processes for recruitment selection, candidate voting, first 30-day feedback, performance reviews, exit interviews, PTO requests, and talent management frameworks. By digitalizing these and other processes, HR departments can free up time for more strategic tasks like creating insightful HR dashboards that illustrate the metrics required to enable quick decision-making and reporting to C Level/senior management. 

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Embrace Innovation To Stay In The Game

It’s easy to say ‘If it’s not broke, don’t fix it’ and to stick with antiquated technology that costs too much to entertain the idea of replacing it BUT if you have gaps in your tech stack and are challenged by key features that are missing it is time to re-evaluate and consider your options in order to survive. 

FlowForma Process Automation is proven to provide the structure, visibility, and collaboration needed to create innovative automated workflows quickly. In some instances, it integrates with and complements existing tech solutions but often is the standalone enterprise solution that orchestrates all workflows across the entire organization.

Forward-thinking companies are empowering their employees and encouraging them to ‘think outside the box’ because our no code tool allows them to do exactly just that. 

This goes hand in hand with analyst advice. Forrester encourages companies to double down on automation to drive innovation.


Reduce Overheads and Time-Consuming Tasks

With the overall cost of doing business on the increase and inflation costs soaring many senior leaders are tasked with making cuts where possible and generally being savvier with their budgets to maximize profits. By automating as many paper-based/inefficient processes as possible our customers are reporting attractive cost savings across all departments and a general uptick in employee satisfaction as a result.

The FlowForma Analytics functionality provides senior leaders with the real-time data needed to support better decision-making, identification of where revenue is potentially being lost, and key blockers in all areas of their business. 


Process Automation For Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is always high on the agenda for customer-centric organizations. Several FlowForma customers have deployed FlowForma Process Automation to digitalize the customer satisfaction process and invite customers to submit feedback via FlowForma Engage, to seamlessly capture insights and feedback.

Senior leaders recognize that it is crucial to move beyond business unit transformations to enterprise-level transformations to avoid risks including inconsistent customer experience.

In a recent PEX survey when asked ‘What is your focus for process improvement work for the next 12 months?’ 32% of respondents indicated that customer-centric process management is a priority. With the right digital process automation tool companies can analyze data at a process level and a business level to identify where issues may affect customer satisfaction levels and act accordingly. This business intelligence is often the secret sauce that allows quick decision-making to avoid revenue loss and a bad customer experience.

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Process Automation For Compliance

Regardless of industry, there are normally some elements of compliance needed within all organizations, either regulatory or otherwise. FlowForma customers are making compliance seamless by leveraging the audit abilities of the FlowForma Process Automation tool, capturing additional data and providing audit histories that are easily examined by auditors. 

FlowForma Document Generation allows customers to build out the audit documentation automatically from the data collected within forms making preparation for an audit a dream. With a complete digitalized document trail organizations have the tools required to stay compliant.

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Streamline HR


Reduce Overheads

Customer Satisfaction


Independent Review

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David Pritchard

Systems Analyst,

"We rebuilt a performance appraisal process in around a week, as opposed to the month we would have needed with the old application – that’s a 75% efficiency improvement – and we’ve ended up with something much better than what we had before."


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