IT Departments

The Head of I.T. is responsible for not only ensuring every device within the organization is running correctly but also what new devices, software, methodologies are needed to equip business units with the right tools. The goal of all I.T. departments is to have a smooth-running organization where I.T. is regarded as an enabler and not a blocker.
IT Departments

All I.T. departments face similar problems such as resolving I.T. issues, tracking 
software licenses and devices etc. They want to enable departments to take the tools available to them and apply those tools to make their day to day job better. In an age where a two year old can work a smart phone, I.T. need to enable end users as much as possible.

How Can FlowForma Add Value to your I.T. Team?

Start Driving Daily I.T. Efficiencies

The FlowForma Process Automation platform can address your standard everyday I.T. processes. Browse common I.T. challenges below to discover how these can be solved using FlowForma incident management automation tools. 

Process Challenge 1: Support Issues

Allowing end users to raise support tickets to an I.T. department is a must. FlowForma Process Automation allows I.T. departments to define a Call Logging process that works for their organization. 


FlowForma - no code BPM software

Process Challenge 2: Tracking Software

A common problem for I.T. departments in organizations with multiple types of devices and software etc., is keeping track of who has what. Being able to keep track of how many license keys or devices are essential to a growing organization, this can easily be tracked with FlowForma Process Automation.


FlowForma BPM - process automation

Process Challenge 3: Centralized and Integrated Systems

FlowForma Process Automation sits on top of Microsoft® SharePoint®. This means FlowForma Process Automation is by default integrated into an organizations active directory to access any data or documents available on SharePoint.


FlowForma BPM - workflow management tool for IT

Process Challenge 4: Enabling Self-Service Process Management

FlowForma Process Automation is designed to be used by the least technical users. The majority of users, watch our how to videos and self-learn. This works well as they are the ones who know their processes best, enabling the end user to take ownership of their process and relieve any dependency on the I.T. department.  


FlowForma BPM - self service business process automation

Process Challenge 5: Project Approval

Nearly all I.T. departments have Boards that meet once a quarter to approve projects etc. Using FlowForma Decision, boards can score projects using a prioritization matrix before having a meeting, the projects that score over a certain mark can be added to the meeting agenda. FlowForma Process automation also gives full visibility of all projects and an audit history of how each project proposal scored.


FlowForma - workflow engine

Customer Feedback

​"Workfl​ow management us​ed to be a nightmare. Now it’s completely seamless with one integrated product FlowForma Process Automation."

- Mark Graham, ICT Director, Beaumont Hospital