FlowForma Process Automation For Financial Services

The need for digital transformation in financial services is at an all-time high. Organizations want to increase productivity, deliver differentiating customer service, and ensure compliance through technology. FlowForma's digital process automation software is trusted by banks, insurance, accountancy, and asset management firms as their business process automation and management software of choice as part of their digital transformation journey.

Financial services firms love the 100% no code aspect of the FlowForma Process Automation tool, for rapid digitization of their spreadsheet/paper business processes. They also appreciate the ability to be able to connect the FlowForma Process Automation tool to their many systems, for seamless pulling of data from multiple sources.

Our Financial Services Customers Include:

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Business Process Automation Software For Financial Services  

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Helping Your Financial Services Firm
Overcome Common Challenges


Effective Client Engagement  



FlowForma Process Automation empowers financial services firms to add structure and visibility to their client engagement processes. Using this business process automation software, organizations can quickly build out their client engagement process workflow online, securely capturing important information, generating engagement letters and storing key documentation in relevant folders.

Seamless Policy Management



Policy management can be a tedious task for insurance firms. FlowForma’s insurance customers have saved time and reduced costs by digitizing cumbersome manual policy management tasks with this award winning business process automation software. 

Improving Compliance



FlowForma Compliance helps professional services firms to comply with ease. The Compliance Features, when combined with FlowForma's Forms and Workflow, enable organizations within regulated industries to design and build processes that can be fully certified to meet regulatory requirements on electronic records for e.g. ISO 9001 and 21 CFR Part 11.

Better Customer Experience

customer experience


Speed up processes such as onboarding, renewal, contracts management and payments by empowering your customers to seamlessly participate directly in these important internal processes, without paper or email delays. Request a demo of FlowForma Engage.

Financial Services - How Business Process Automation Software Can Help

Client Engagement
Insurance Renewals
Document Management
Policy Management

Pension Administration
Client/Staff onboarding
Risk Management
Fact Finding

Why Financial Services Companies Choose FlowForma Process Automation:

Key processes are digitized by key people - no coding
Seamless connection with multiple systems

Effortless document management
Maximizing Microsoft 365 investment

Sustainability benefits - paper-lite etc.
Painless auditability of processes
For agile online processes
Improved process data
Ability to engage external users in processes

"We automated our Client Acceptance Process in 2018, in our risk, compliance and professional standards department. This process is heavily used, with over 1,000 forms created a month. This process ties into our time and billing system. Once a client code is requested and approved, it’s in our time and billing system within a minute. It has been very well received, our staff really like the efficiency of this digitized process."

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IT Manager

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Experience Rapid ROI

Save >$80,000 per significant process
Deliver a 16% carbon footprint reduction
Digitize 50+ processes a year 
Save over 6,000 admin hours a year

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