Empowering Users In A Controlled Environment  

In most organizations, staff desire self-service tools to empower them to get work done smarter and faster. 

At FlowForma Process Automation(All-in-one tool integrating forms, workflow, analytics, and document generation) , we witness the amazing benefits that our customers are deriving from empowering business managers to deploy their own processes with our self-service tool (see adjacent video).

With the employee benefits in mind, we're committed to helping IT departments to easily govern how FlowForma Process Automation is used across the business, while empowering users to build and test in a controlled environment.

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Sample Use Case

At FlowForma we believe in empowering business experts, while giving IT the required governance needed. Here's an example of how FlowForma Process Automation empowers users within a governed environment.

If Human Resources (HR) want to improve their processes, the HR Manager can request a sandbox from IT, with the current live HR processes available in the sandbox. The HR Manager can then create or modify the HR processes. Once HR are happy with how the processes work, they can request these processes to be pushed into User Acceptance Testing (UAT) for sign-off and then pushed into production by IT.

How it Works

FlowForma Governance provides IT with a framework to empower business developers to create new solutions, while giving IT the mechanism to act as gatekeeper over production environments, minimizing operational risk, while achieving the maximum benefit of a no-code platform deployed across the organization.

It empowers business users to control the development and deployment of FlowForma Process Automation solutions across their organization. Users will no longer need to individually configure FlowForma deployments (apps, lists, flows and groups etc.) instead these will occur automatically with the click of a button.

FlowForma Governance empowers IT to quickly create sandboxes for process managers, enabling the business to test within their own individual sandbox without any risk to a production environment. Here they can build out flows and test different processes, before applying to IT to have them promoted for day-to-day use by the business.

FlowForma Governance Hub

The Benefits

✓ Processes are deployed in a controlled way
✓ IT is empowered to govern the use of FlowForma Process Automation across the business and provide advice and tips where necessary
✓ Business managers can build, test, edit and deploy processes quickly and easily
✓ Process managers are easily provided with sandboxes in which to test their solutions
✓ Improved functionality for those who want to use the tool company-wide

Giving IT The Power To Govern Processes Company-wide!

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Olivia Bushe

CEO, FlowForma

"As the modern workforce strive for self-service tools to aid their day-to-day work and help them digitally transform, a proven solution to empower business experts to create and automate business processes is FlowForma Process Automation. With this tool, business managers can build, test, edit and deploy processes quickly and easily. The tool comes with a Governance Hub which enables IT to see all processes currently running, all App environments, all sandboxes and push and pull processes across any environment. Available as part of our Enterprise package, FlowForma Governance enables IT to empower users in a controlled manner."