Is FlowForma Process Automation a workflow tool?

FlowForma Process Automation is much more than a workflow tool - it incorporates forms, workflow, document generation, and analytics all in one single easy-to-use interface that promotes adoption in the workplace. FlowForma Process Automation uses its own built in workflow engine that uses simple business logic - 100% no code - to build automated actions, we call these business rules.


What does 100% no code mean?

FlowForma Process Automation is a 100% no code platform which means you configure processes by filling in a series of forms that define process steps, data, and process (business rules). 

Do I need to Microsoft 365?

No, all you need is SharePoint Online which is a component of Microsoft 365 but can be purchased separately.


Does SharePoint Online come with Microsoft 365?

It is included in most Microsoft 365 plans, check with Microsoft to see if it is included in yours. You could alternatively purchase SharePoint Online as a standalone service if you do not already have it in your plan.


What if I have SharePoint Online and SharePoint On-Premise, will it work with both?

FlowForma Process Automation does not support SharePoint On-Premise installations, but it will work on your SharePoint Online service.


What do FlowForma define as a user?

A FlowForma Process Automation user is any end user who engages with forms, together with the FlowForma administrators that build processes using the FlowForma Process Automation tool.


Does FlowForma Process Automation integrate with SharePoint?

Yes, it does. FlowForma Process Automation uses SharePoint as a database to store workflow, data and documents, and integrates fully with it. 


Does FlowForma Process Automation integrate with Microsoft 365?

Yes, it does. FlowForma Process Automation sits on SharePoint Online - which is part of the Microsoft 365 suite - and can integrate with other Microsoft 365 applications.


Can FlowForma Process Automation integrate with other systems?

FlowForma Process Automation empowers organizations to connect to thousands of systems and applications.

Using FlowForma’s Logic Apps Connector, we can easily create business rules in the FlowForma Process Automation app to integrate with any cloud-based system that also has a Logic Apps Connector.

Where an application does not have Logic App Connectors, we can integrate using REST APIs using our no code business rules.


Does FlowForma work on mobile devices?

Yes, we provide apps for Apple and Android devices to allow people to participate in processes remotely even while the device is offline.


Where does my form data reside?

Form data resides in your own Microsoft 365 Tenancy. FlowForma Process Automation does not retain or have access to your data.


Can FlowForma generate and manage documents?

Yes, FlowForma has a flexible template based document generation feature which also integrates with SharePoint's document management facility.


How does reporting work?

With FlowForma Analytics you can seamlessly build dashboards within the product without needing 3rd party tools like Excel or Power BI.


Can external users participate in processes?

Yes, external users can participate in external processes without having a Microsoft 365 account using FlowForma's Engage feature.


Can we outsource process building to FlowForma?

Yes, you can.

As part of our customer onboarding process we have a SureStart program, which is designed to enable us to work with you to deliver your first process into production, making onboarding as smooth as possible for our new customers.

By availing of the SureStart program, we’ll work alongside you to make sure you get the most out of your investment in the least amount of time.

After the SureStart program, if you do not have the resources to build out additional processes, our Professional Services Team can build the processes for you.


Do you offer any process templates?

Yes, we have hundreds of process templates, with process template bundles available depending on your sector or role. 


How does your support work? Does it cover US hours?

Core Product Support comes as standard with any FlowForma Process Automation license. Understanding all organizations have different support requirements, we are happy to offer customers additional support options. These include Premium Support for business flow configuration, custom software development and SharePoint platform environment, and/or Software Advisory Support to assist you during the creation of process flows.

Our support team are available to address any of your support issues from 9:00am to 5:30pm GMT, Monday - Friday. 

What Our Customers Say

"As with any new software there’s a mindset change for people, but it helps that they can see tangible benefits straight away. The more processes I’ve automated, the more the business sees the benefits and the more they want to use it. FlowForma Process Automation is completely different to other SharePoint apps; much more business intuitive."

- William McCann, IT Manager, Grant Thornton