FlowForma in Pharma & Life Sciences

Compliance, collaboration, and customer experience are always high on the agenda of any organization. Regularly working with pharma and life sciences organizations, we understand their challenges to embrace technology, comply with regulation and increase time to innovate.

FlowForma's all-in-one Digital Process Automation tool integrates forms, workflow, analytics, and document generation is proven to help these organizations rapidly build out their digital processes with intelligent workflow automation, resulting in increased visibility, productivity and efficiency.

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Transforming Pharma & Life Sciences With Process Automation

Analyze your process and business data with as much granularity as you need for effortless reporting and better decision-making in real-time.


Enable cross-functional teams to communicate with ease and collaborate on strategic initiatives.

Automate your artwork approvals to streamline work, drive productivity, and fast-track compliance.

Empower organizations within pharmaceuticals to design and build processes that can be fully certified to meet regulatory requirements on electronic records.

Processes are delivered quickly, so that they are relevant from the moment they are enabled.

Present a full view of the process, its current status, future steps, and past history. Process performance can be compared to benchmarks, with bottlenecks identified and investigated to drive resources to complete assigned steps.

Why Choose FlowForma?

FlowForma Process Automation is the leading all-in-one (forms, workflows, document generation, analytics) tool

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Empowering Pharma & Life Sciences with FlowForma Process Automation

   Improving Collaboration

FlowForma understands that many departments must work together to succeed within Pharma & Life Sciences. The FlowForma Process Automation Tool is developed to accompany many different users working on the same process, tracking every action made and ensuring to touch on each step before advancing to the next stage. In doing so, FlowForma Process Automation boosts accountability and transparency within workflows.

  Simplifying Performance Appraisal  

Performance appraisal is a time-consuming and tedious process in most sectors, but in pharma, this is often amplified given the size of these organizations and the complexities of contracts. Today, pharma organizations are utilizing FlowForma Process Automation to accelerate this process and provide clear visibility of status, bottlenecks etc. to Heads of HR.


Pharma and Life Sciences bodies utilize FlowForma Process Automation to manage their pharmacovigiliance process. Using FlowForma forms and workflows, these organizations can record pharmacovigiliance signals in a controlled manner, keeping an audit of all activity from the initial recording of an ADR (Adverse Drug Reactions), through to the review of the case and implementation of recommended actions.


Streamlining Artworks  

Pharma and Life Sciences organizations are using FlowForma Process Automation to facilitate their teams to collaborate with external design houses across the full life cycle of the product, from mock-ups to print ready files, post production amendments and change management. 


  Meeting Regulatory Compliance  

With the FlowForma compliance features, these organizations are able to construct an environment that can be independently audited against regulatory requirements. Processes can be designed so that process steps are signed, historical form activity is clearly visible, and a snapshot of the workflow design can be captured at a specific point in time.


   Accelerating the Innovation Process  

37% of Pharma executives admit that their organizations don’t have a well-defined innovation strategy. FlowForma Process Automation is helping our customers to put a formal innovation process structure in place. The user is presented with a full view of the process, from idea generation, all the way through to product launch.

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“It was very difficult and time consuming establishing the status of a particular contract, so there was clearly a need to have a workflow that would make the process more transparent and efficient.

The efficiency it has brought to the operational part of managing a contract has been very important. It helped us gain time for sure, but transparency, completeness, and accountability have been the main benefits. It’s a fantastic tool.”