Reinventing Oil and Gas with Workflow Process Automation

2023 is the year for oil and gas companies to re-invent themselves, all while becoming leaner and greener. These companies are turning to process automation to help reduce operation, and maintenance costs and unplanned outages and downtime. 

With focuses on debt reduction, overcoming skills shortages, and transforming business models. There’s never been a better time to discover how processes can be re-invented and widespread automation achieved by empowering businesspeople with self-service process automation tools.

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Common outcomes of Workflow Process Automation in Oil & Gas

From regularly speaking with Oil & Gas companies, we understand you may have challenges when it comes to paper based processes disrupting the smooth execution of projects. Understand how process automation can move your projects away from paper, ensuring all data is captured accurately.

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Enable Agility 
Empower process owners to digitize forms and processes in one integrated solution
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Keep Track 
Monitor progress and performance across teams and gain visibility of every process in your project
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Support Self-Regulation
Capture authorization with electronic signatures in a full audit trail 

Central Reporting 
Capture data and task performance metrics centrally 
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Reduced IT Cost
Professional services savings with a no code process automation tool

Share Information
Pass information instantly between resources to ensure transparency and collaboration
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Easy Adoption
Award winning user interface with minimal training and premium support
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Improve Quality 
Check accuracy when the data is entered and ensure correct procedures are followed

Some Of The Manual Processes FlowForma Automates 

  • Logistics & Fleet Management
  • Employee/Supplier Onboarding
  • Site Visit Management
  • Incident Management
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Purchase Requisition
  • Upstream/Downstream Processes
  • Preventive Maintenance Tracking

How Oil & Gas Organizations Add Value with FlowForma Process Automation

  Enabling Self-Regulation

With Oil & Gas companies challenged to self-regulate, a number of organizations have deployed the no code FlowForma Process Automation tool, to support rapid deployment of online processes, which can be easily audited. Processes can be designed so that process steps are signed, historical form activity is clearly visible, and a snapshot of the workflow design can be captured at a specific point in time. 

   Mobile Accessible Processes

Mobile access is essential to those in the Oil & Gas industry, who need their staff to input to data from challenging locations. FlowForma Process Automation empowers users with highly secure access to forms and processes, while on the move. If internet is unavailable, users can avail of off-line mode. E-signature functionality on the mobile app, provides additional security for FlowForma users. 

  Accelerating the Innovation Process 

With demand growing and competition increasing, ensuring innovation in products and services, technology and business is critical to any Oil & Gas organization. With FlowForma Process Automation, these bodies can put a formal online innovation process in place, managing the process from idea generation, all the way through to product launch.

  Effective Risk Management

Identifying, assessing, evaluating and monitoring risk is of upmost importance to Oil & Gas companies. Many have turned to FlowForma to manage risks associated with price, politics, technology, financing, environment, operations etc, to see a comprehensive view of risks, enabling decision makers to offset risk exposures.


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Independent Review

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Imelda Bettinger,
SharePoint Developer,
Dresser Natural Gas


"The old processes took years to build and if our team needed a change, a request would be made and it would take a month before it was decided if it could actually be implemented. People have embraced FlowForma Process Automation and now come up with their own ideas."

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