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FlowForma is a world-leading process automation tool integrating forms, workflow, analytics, and document generation. Our mobile app for iOS and Android devices allows you to enter data and progress business processes while working remotely.

Processes that you design on the desktop are immediately available on mobile devices. You can start a process on our mobile app, save it for a later date or continue it on your desktop when you are back in the office.

With companies employing staff members across multiple sites, often in remote or underground locations, the ability to be able to work offline and via mobile applications can not only drastically improve operations, but also create significant cost savings by removing costly paper forms.

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Use Case Examples

  • No internet, no problem – complete forms with no internet connection, forms automatically update when you regain connectivity.
  • Construction sites – When working on-site, the mobile app enables you to fill in electronic forms, replacing the multitude of paper forms on a typical construction project. Electronic forms are more accurate and are not lost, and the data is quickly passed between workers to minimize delays.
  • Hospital forms Complex medical records, including photographs, are recorded while treating the patient and can be quickly forwarded to specialist resources for assessment and feedback.
  • Annotate images – Capture images on your mobile device and annotate them straight away. Critical when recording incidents, safety inspections, and many other scenarios where the image on its own does not tell the whole story!

Discover FlowForma's Business Process Management Mobile App

The mobile app allows you to input to your processes on mobile devices. Processes that you design on your desktop, using our no-code designer, become immediately available to your mobile workforce.

Our sophisticated app provides a mobile view of your forms, automatically formatted for your device. There’s no need to build a separate process for mobile users! You can complete one step on mobile and the next on your desktop, or start filling in a form at your desk and complete it on-site.

The mobile app works on any iOS or Android device, without any setup. Just install the app on your device and log in. The system immediately connects to your Office 365 FlowForma site.

The app is built for touch screen devices and supports several features designed for mobile working scenarios: GPS Location supported Google Maps, Photo Capture, Image Annotation, Wet Signatures, and more.

Working remotely means you cannot always be connected, but you can still keep the process moving with digitally automated processes. Our FlowForma mobile app means you can still input data offline, and when you get in range of an online connection, it will update it for you and keep the process moving.

FlowForma's Mobile App


FlowForma's Mobile App - New Site Survey Form
the benefits of business vetting - FlowForma process automation

The Benefits

Instant access to all your processes and tasks anywhere, anytime

Familiar interface, retaining the functionality of the desktop on your mobile device

✓ Additional mobile features: Location with Google Maps, Image Annotation, Wet Signatures, Photo Capture and more!

Get notified via mobile as steps in your processes get completed or warnings when tasks are delayed

Off-line form completion and synchronization with your desktop when back online

Empower Users With Mobile & Offline Access


IT Manager, Costain, Skanska & Balfour Beatty A14 Joint Venture

"We can complete processes much quicker and with mobile access you’re enabling people in the field to work on forms from anywhere – you’re not waiting for someone to get back to their desks.

Using FlowForma Process Automation, we can generate PDFs of the forms and push them through to our document control and records management people. It saves a lot of time, instead of having to find paperwork and scan it."