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FlowForma - Helping improve HR processes and workflows

Heads of HR

Regularly working with HR teams, we understand their challenges regarding poor visibility and inefficiencies when it comes to everyday HR processes, such as onboarding, performance appraisal, annual leave and contracts management. FlowForma BPM customers have witnessed up to 60% improvement in HR process efficiencies and 80% reductions in admin queries!

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FlowForma - Helping improve IT processes and workflows

Heads of IT

The goal of all IT departments is to have a smooth-running organization where IT is regarded as an enabler and not a blocker. For many of our customers, IT has deployed FlowForma BPM to drive efficiencies for IT processes such as call logging, device tracking and IT starter. But more importantly IT deployed the solution company wide enabling self-service process management.

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FlowForma - Helping improve operational processes and workflows

Heads of Operations

Operations teams are always under pressure concerning staff cost, hence so many of FlowForma’s customers have optimized their workforce by empowering process owners with self-service process management. In this new world, departments quickly build and report on processes with the no code FlowForma BPM tool, giving Operations more time to work on strategic tasks.

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FlowForma - Helping improve operational processes and workflows

Business Analysts

Designed to be configured by the people who understand your business need. Business Analysts and Consultants are examples of people who use the Flow Designer tool to easily automate any process, delivering operational efficiency, visibility, and agility. No code is required to produce fully functional solutions that execute workflows, capture data and issue communications.

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Working with healthcare bodies, we understand their challenge to embrace technology, adopt new technology and ultimately, do more with less. Using FlowForma BPM, numerous hospitals and care homes have empowered their departments from Finance and HR, to IT and Administration, to automate their own business processes, all while eliminating paper, driving process efficiency and maximizing their existing technology.

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Professional Services

Under increased pressure to innovate quicker, comply with mounting regulation and meet demanding client expectations, many professional services bodies have deployed FlowForma BPM as a tool to support them in automating their business processes. Using FlowForma’s no code BPM tool, these organizations have empowered process owners to rapidly deploy their processes online and reap productivity benefits.

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Life Sciences

With Pharmaceutical and Life Science organizations challenged to comply with industry regulations, minimize product variations and reduce time to market, FlowForma BPM is proven to be a tool of choice for automating processes and ensuring efficiency, visibility and seamless collaboration. When combined with the Life Science Feature pack, these organizations can build processes that can be fully certified.

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With more pressure on the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry to innovate quicker, practice lean principles and increase productivity, FlowForma BPM is proven for producers wanting to streamline business processes. From incident management, to supply chain and artworks processes, FlowForma BPM is proven to drive efficiencies across a multitude of processes for producers of Fast Moving Consumer Goods.

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FlowForma is Trusted by Many

Used by over 110,000 users across Europe, North America and Asia, FlowForma BPM has proven itself to be the cloud business process management tool of choice.

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