Introducing No Code Platforms For Process Automation

Revolutionizing the BPM tools space, FlowForma’s no code software and business process automation tool empowers business managers to seamlessly deploy (forms and workflow) and manage business processes, without any coding (its Flow Designer does all the work) and very little install assistance from IT.

Forget 'low code' and browse the benefits of a no code platform for process management versus traditional BPM tools below.


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No Code Process Automation Tool

As a no code tool, FlowForma Process Automation enables organizations to provide process owners and business managers with a self-service workflow tool, empowering the people who know the processes best to automate them with speed and flexibility. This is unheard of with traditional BPM tools, which require IT Pro experience and significant investments in both time and money.

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Rapid deployment with FlowForma no-code platform

No Code Platforms Increase Speed of Deployment

Unlike traditional tools, no-code platforms, such as FlowForma’s Process Automation, enables processes owners to prototype, test and deploy online processes with speed (at least ten times faster than traditional BPM tools), meaning they are relevant from the moment they are launched.

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FlowForma BPM - no-code platform for SharePoint

No Code Platforms Enable Agile Processes

With customer expectations rising, regulation heightening and markets becoming more competitive, no code platforms like FlowForma’s Digital Process Automation tool enables organizations to adjust forms and workflows without any delay — a significant advantage over traditional BPM tools.

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What Our Customers Say

''A great product that has massively reduced our development time. Basic functionality on this no code platform is so simple, I can turn around a project in a matter of a couple of hours.

But there is much deeper functionality available so that we can do much more complicated things and don't need to code anything!''

- Paul F, Digital Media Manager, NHS Blackpool Hospital

Users Love no-code platforms


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