Form Automation, Powered By AI

Revolutionize how your organization creates, interacts with, and processes data with FlowForma’s dynamic next-gen form automation.

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Collect Form Data Seamlessly, Gain Real-time Visibility 


Forms are an intuitive feature within FlowForma’s all-in-one (forms, workflow, analytics, and document generation) process automation tool. Seamlessly integrated into processes, forms empower workers to collect data in real-time for each business step, while achieving a comprehensive audit trail for informed decision-making. AI-powered automation expedites form filling, accelerating your processes, enhancing overall efficiency, and saving time to work on value-added tasks.


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AI-powered Form Automation for The Digital Age


Enhance processing with AI. Summarize form input, dynamic language translation, capturing voice to text, and more…

Automatically interact forms with back-office systems to pre-populate data.

Validate data as it is captured in real-time by users across the business.

Execute automated actions in the background using form data.

Include form data in emails, documents, and other communications.

Use conditional logic to direct users to the most relevant data points.

We have transparency and visibility that we didn’t have before. You can’t submit half filled-in boxes because the system won’t let you. I recommend the FlowForma Process Automation tool to other colleges as it can save them money, improve their efficiency, and give them the real-time visibility they need. 

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Mark Lay Abingdon circle

Mark Lay

Finance Director | Abington College

The speed of development and the opportunity to involve process owners in creating their own forms and workflows is a game-changer. A process automation solution that can be procured easily for NHS Trusts like ours is key to assisting wider transformation across the entire NHS ecosystem. 


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Martyn McKechnie

Head of Digital Identity and System Administration | Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

The digital workflow built with FlowForma has helped bring automation into the recruitment onboarding process. The business logic built into FlowForma will save time and increase data integrity because information is only touched once.


Read the Morgan Construction Success Story.

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Carolynne McCaughey

Director of Corporate | Morgan Construction

We rebuilt a process in around a week, as opposed to the month we would have needed with the old application, that’s a 75% efficiency improvement, and we’ve ended up with something much better than what we had before.


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david pritchard circle

David Prithard

Systems Analyst | Eurofound